About Ableaim




My involvement in dogs began early in my childhood. I do not recall a time when our family did not have dogs. My

earliest remembrance of family pets are a wonderful little Beagle named Sparky and a great Collie named Lady.

Although neither were show dogs they were much loved family pets and both lived nice long lives.  My first experience

with show dogs came when I had taken a summer job at a local vet hospital and one of the employees bred and

showed Parti Colored Cocker Spaniels. She would bring dog magazines to work to share and it was while reading one

of these magazines that I saw a picture of what would become “my breed” – Gordon Setters. I knew after watching her

spend countless hours grooming her Cockers, they were not the breed for me. In September 1974 she invited me along

to a local show and it was there I started the search for a breeder of Gordon Setters. I soon realized finding a Gordon

was not going to be an easy task but with persistence, several months later I did find a breeder, Mrs. Elizabeth Clark

of Rockaplenty Kennels fame. Finally the day came to make the trip to the mountains of Virginia to purchased my

first show dog. Over the years several Gordon’s followed – several with Specialty wins, a Top Producing Stud dog and

a Top Producing Dam. 

Also during these years I married and had two kids, Blake and Jenny.

(pictured right) I continued showing on a limited basis at local shows

when the kids were young and traveled to a few specialties. I fondly

recall the days in the ring showing my Gordons, my kids standing

outside the ring rooting me on. When I would come out between classes

Jenny would handle the brushing to make sure every hair was in place

on whichever dog I was showing. Blake was more interested in searching for discarded rubber bands he could use to

shoot paper wads. 

During these years both Blake and Jenny were involved in ice skating and both were quite accomplished skaters.

Majority of our spare time was spent in the ice rink or traveling to skating competitions. Several years go by

and Jenny was old enough to compete in Junior Showmanship. I told her to pick which Gordon she wanted to be her

Juniors dog and I would teach her how to groom and show it. Her response – I’m not going to show one of those

things!  – I want my own breed. 

A few weeks later we were attending a show and I told her to look around and see what breed interest her and we

would see about getting her one. Within an hour she came running up stating she found the breed she wanted. I just

knew it would be something cute and fluffy – OH NO! she wanted a Greyhound. Fortunately I was able to

convince her a Greyhound was too large and something a bit smaller would be best. By lunch time she had

another suggestion – a WHIPPET!! My response was YUK – you must be kidding – a Whippet – they are icky. There

was no changing her mind, after all she was told to pick the breed and it was smaller than a  Greyhound.

By the next spring we had located a breeder, Connie

Alexander – Kachina Whippets. She and

fellow breeder, Ann Taylor – Anndra Whippets had

an older female puppy available that would fit

our needs. So Jenny got her own show dog,

a Whippet – Anndra’s Princess Bride Kachina, SC –

“Cindy”, I learned not to say a word about

how skinny they looked. Jenny and Cindy soon

became a fine tuned team and together quickly earned the necessary wins in Juniors, however Cindy did not

really like the show ring and Jenny tired of Juniors, she wanted to show in the “real” ring. Soon a second Whippet

followed, a beautiful fawn brindle and white puppy bitch, Kachina Times Square V Anndra, SC – “Rachel”.

Rachel proved more competitive in the conformation ring and finished with most of her wins with Jenny handling

her. Breedings from these two Whippet girls we got our first home bred Dual Champion – Bert, out of Cindy, and our

first Top 20 competitor – Emily, out of Rachel.  

As in my early days of breeding Gordon Setters, our goal is to breed healthy, beautiful, and well socialized family

pets. Majority of our dogs are sold solely as family companions, we have been fortunate and allowed to show some of

the ones sold close to our home to their championships. While I must admit my first thoughts of getting a Whippet

were not favorable, within a few  weeks of having our first one I discovered what a wonderful breed they are. Within

two years of the first Whippet moving into my house my Gordon Setters days were all but over. While I still love the

breed and believe there is  not a more beautiful sight than a well bred and correctly groomed Gordon, I’ve learned to

admire them from afar.

Now with both kids grown our home is filled with wonderful Whippets and a couple French

Bulldogs.  My husband, Chuck, loves the days spent on the lure coursing field. Jenny and I

continue traveling to shows – she, the one showing, me standing outside the ring rooting her on –

and even though my son could care less about the showing part he has his own special Whippet as


To end this introduction I must add a funny twist – somehow along the way I ended up with one of those labor intensive Cocker Spaniels, a Parti Colored one at that! While it was suppose to be Jenny’s dog she somehow stole my heart. Thank goodness she grew up with Whippets and truly thinks she is just a cute and fluffy variety. 

Jenny’s first Whippet, Cindy passed away in October of 2009 and Bert we lost unexpectedly on January 13, 2010.

Rachel and Emily grace our couch and bring joy to us every day. We plan to remain active in this breed for many

years to come.

Pictured from first to last photos…

Jenny & “Emily” – Ch. Ableaim Dixie Chick SC

Blake & “Kitty” – DC Ableaim Kit Kat SC

Jenny & “Cindy” – Anndra’s Princess Bride Kachina SC (passed
away in October 2009)

Jenny & “Rachel” – Ch. Kachina Times Square V Anndra SC, ROM

Jenny & “Hannah” – Ch. Ableaim Heart Breaker